Seniors Singles
Prelim (9)
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Thu 25th October 6pm
A Gauld(Sco)52Charlie Ruddy(Ire)
T Lindsay(Sco)50To Be Advised 1(S)
A Bonnyman(Sco)05Benny McHale(Ire)
Ian Ingham(Eng)05Mike McDonald(Sco)
Dave Styles(Sco)45Adey Young(Eng)
Willie Anderson(Sco)50To Be Advised 2(S)
William Eakin(NI)51L Hunter(Sco)
L Ahern(Sco)51Frank Wright(NI)
Last 32 (9)
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Thu 25th October 9pm
J Falconer(Sco)53Richard Carr(Ire)
Paul Noonan(Ire)53G Cascarino(Sco)
S Bowers(Sco)35Dave Shand(Eng)
D Cruickshank(Sco)15Mal Irwin(NI)
Gregory Feeney(NI)15I Moffat(Sco)
Ian Turner(Eng)45Davy Byrne(Ire)
Paul Taylor(Eng)52A Kelly(Sco)
Tom Bagnall(Ire)15Keith Brewer(Eng)
Steve Chambers(Eng)51Sonny Flannigan(Ire)
Neil Hamer(NI)45Harris Ali(Eng)
Phil Connolly(NI)53Eddie Walsh(Ire)
A Gauld(Sco)45T Lindsay(Sco)
Benny McHale(Ire)54J Burnett(Sco)
Mike McDonald(Sco)15Adey Young(Eng)
Willie Anderson(Sco)35William Eakin(NI)
L Ahern(Sco)05Nigel Olding(Eng)
Last 16 (9)
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Fri 26th October 3:30pm
J Falconer(Sco)05Paul Noonan(Ire)
Dave Shand(Eng)45Mal Irwin(NI)
I Moffat(Sco)45Davy Byrne(Ire)
Paul Taylor(Eng)25Keith Brewer(Eng)
Steve Chambers(Eng)54Harris Ali(Eng)
Phil Connolly(NI)50T Lindsay(Sco)
Benny McHale(Ire)54Adey Young(Eng)
William Eakin(NI)52Nigel Olding(Eng)
Quarter Finals (9)
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Sat 27th October 11am
Paul Noonan(Ire)35Mal Irwin(NI)
Davy Byrne(Ire)15Keith Brewer(Eng)
Steve Chambers(Eng)50Phil Connolly(NI)
Benny McHale(Ire)45William Eakin(NI)
Semi Finals (9)
Sun 28th October 9am
Mal Irwin(NI)05Keith Brewer(Eng)
Steve Chambers(Eng)52William Eakin(NI)
Final (9)
Sun 28th October 1pm
Keith Brewer(Eng)52Steve Chambers(Eng)
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